Saturday, May 5, 2012

we go to church in rain-boots

My first jungle visit: Higuerones

This was a cool village! It was a 2 hours mule ride in, during the rainy season. I’ve never trusted mules so much in my life! snap they are smart, and mine didn’t fall over, so I was counted fortunate :)

It was a small community. Each of the house are about a five to fifteen  minute walk through the muddy path, but praise the Lord for rain boots! We picked beans, peas, watermelon , peanuts (and just so you know, peanuts are the ROOTS!) and so much of the other stuff is growing in the huge farm (in the jungle). Also, milked cows by hand, bathed in the river, normal jungle stuff ;)

then we had a chance to speak to their church, which was legit! They are also building another church, which is so cool! It’s amazing how God is working in the jungles here in Ecuador!

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