Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Jungle community #2: El Reten
So a year and two months ago, I was in a little village in the jungles of Ecuador called El Reten when i was on the World Race.
Well, it just so worked out that I was able to SURPRISE visit them! It was only for a day and night, but it was legit and worth it! I’ll for sure be visiting them again in the future, for a longer amount of time!

Here are some of the people in the community, (the first picture on the left is a very important family)

If you followed my blog last year for the world race, you might remember them, well this picture may help, remember her?

Her name is Betsy, if you don’t remember her, refresh yourself with this blog “Tio Bryan” http://brentfrederick.theworldrace.org/?filename=im-an-uncle

This is her brother, Michel Jordan:

And this is their new baby sister, who is named Kenya. OUR TEAM was in Kenya when they had their baby and they wanted to name their baby after our team, because we had so much of an impact on them! Wowzers! 

This reunion was so legit!! Definitely orchestrated by God :)

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