Saturday, December 8, 2012


The first day of work in Bergen, New Jersey was an incredible day. Our job was underneath a trailer, removing insulation, which was a difficult task for sure, and the owners of the house were deaf so communication was limited too. Thankfully one of our team leaders, Bri, could sign! They also had a son, Josh, who was an amazing translator. He is 12 and LOVES his parents so much. At such young age, he realized how difficult it was for his parents to communicate and teach him, so in return, he translates (through signing) and is always there to help them. Wow, praise the Lord that a young boy can have so much honor, respect, and LOVE for his parents.

Bri, invited the family to dinner with us, which includes the whole Samaritans Purse team. And this family also brought their friends! The mother only speaks Spanish, but her three children are bilingual. We always have sharing time after dinner, for all the teams to share what God has done that day, and the children wanted to participate too, which they did! After a time of everyone sharing, the girl wanted to be the last one to share. She stood in front of everyone and talked about how her sister was scared of the flood, especially when the water started coming into the house, but she wasn't scared! She is a tough girl! Then she shared about how she lost everything. Every...Thing...*blank stare*...*silence*...she started crying because it finally hit her. Some of our team members quickly comforted her and took her into another room in the church. And there we sat; 2 parents that are deaf, their son who could interpret, 1 parent who only speaks Spanish, and her 3 children who could interpret. We talked about how this affected them and the difficulties it brought. And to make a long story short: they ALL accepted Jesus as their personal Savior! He is the One that can give hope. He has power to give peace that passes all human understanding (John14:27). Nothing else can do that. Things maybe can, but as you can see, the flood took them away. Jesus is the only thing that can LAST and can NEVER be taken away.