Tuesday, November 13, 2012


As you all may know, there was a hurricane named Sandy, which hit the northeast coast. My house was not affected by the storm, praise the Lord. The day after, my dad was watching the news and the devastation that happened, while I was trying to have my prayer time. I do not like the news, because all I hear is about all the death, abuse, hurt, and pain that is happening in the world. So, to focus on my prayer, I played some music in my earphones.

And God said, “So this is what you do when my people are hurting and in need...block it out with some praise and worship music.”

So I asked my dad how I could get involved and he recommended Samaritan’s Purse, and in a few days, I was in Bergen, New Jersey.

I’m staying at a church called North Jersey Vineyard Church and it has been incredible! We are cleaning out the insulation from underneath trailers, removing damaged items from homes, “mud outs” (which is removing flooring and drywall up to where the water has damaged), and sharing the love of Jesus to all the people we meet.

Tyvek is a beautiful thing. 

A Bible is given to each family that we help and everyone that helps out at the house signs it. it's a POWERFUL moment for the home owners. 

This first week, 30 people (that we know of) have accepted Jesus as their Savior! PRAISE THE LORD! That is AMAZING! People that have lost everything are finding their hope and peace in the Love that Jesus Christ has given to each one of us.

God is working in HUGE ways here. Revival would be an appropriate term. I LOVE it. 
And it's only because of this: prayer. 

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