Saturday, October 6, 2012


It is a fine line when it comes to Christianity. So many topics, issues, ideas, and the list goes on. An example: Where is the line between forgiveness and justice? Where is the line between resting in God’s presence and having discipline in seeking God’s face? I mean, yes, Jesus is OUR BEST FRIEND, but that doesn't mean we always do what we want to do. Sure, it’s OK sometimes, but honestly, it’s an excuse so that I don’t have to die to self. I want to relax or just think instead of press into God. So sometimes, we have to die to self and stay up late with Jesus or wake up SUPER early to talk to Jesus. He died for YOU, now it’s time to die to ourselves. Press in. our relations ship with Jesus IS a bed of roses and He wants us to relax, but He also wants us to die to self and press into Him, especially in the times we don’t want to. *cough*cough* example: FASTING. I hate fasting, because I LOVE FOOD! But I fast anyways, because I love Jesus so much and He requires it: Matthew 6:16, Acts 13:2, 14:23.

So there are MANY other topics that have made me realize it is a fine line. Another word that is similar is equilibrium. With this whole ‘finding the line or equilibrium,’ you need to be mature. I already gave an example and it’s all about maturity. Don’t be lazy, but at the same time, don’t get tied down to rules and regulations. Another example: line between legalism and holiness? Hmmm..
An ‘easier’ example is the one I was working through recently, which is where is the line between serious and joking. Do I just want to be a serious (sometimes ‘boring’) person all the time? No. do I want to be a joke (sometimes ‘childish’) person all the time? No. Be mature. Find the line. Walk it. And I would walk closer on the ‘HOLY’ side of things. I mean, let’s look at our God, 1 Peter 1:16.

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