Thursday, June 7, 2012

Missions School

Jungle village #4 – Huaticocha
This was the place where I spent the majority of my time in Ecuador. We built this structure! (starting in the top left and going clockwise). This is the boys dorm building. There is going to be a girls dorm, directors home, school, and church, and prayer hut built in the future, so there is still a lot of work going to be done! This is a Missions Training School, which is for the people in the jungle to attend for two years. Then, once they graduate, they will be sent BACK into the jungle (to unreached people groups and tribes) and start churches!! This is such an amazing dream that is happening here!
In the back part of the property is a place where they will have a HUGE garden, which will provide food for the students. We took machetes through the whole area to chop down the high grass. You need to do it about every month and a half and SNAP, it was a LOT of work, but so much fun! I love chopping down huge things in the jungle!  
 Here is a video about the Missions School:

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