Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Amazing Race

So I am in Peru and for the summer, and more interns come down to help out with all the teams that we have. This year, 12 interns came down for the summer. 6 for Peru and 6 for Ecuador. And for ‘initiation’ we have this thing called “The Amazing Race” [which is not to be confused with “The World Race,” which I just went on last year]
Here is out team -> 

The Amazing Race was 10 days long and each day we were with different interns, so that we could get to know each other. So the race was based on individual points, added up at the end of the day, according on what place you can in that day.

We were in Peru for the first two day and did all types of activities and then went all around Ecuador to do crazy amounts of activities.

we surfed: 

on water AND sand ;) 

we did a lot of crazy activities that were so amazing! ate silly things, like chicken feet, cow stomach, chicha (everyone chews a mouthful of yucca and then spits it into a bowl and then drinks it), wild boar, palm beetles, and so many other things! we harvested and packaged bananas (that might be at your local supermarket right now! haha) like, we did SO MANY things :) 

 this was the "Leap of Faith" which was so LEGIT! loved it!!!

 and it all comes back to prayer and thanking God for allowing us to do such an amazing job and for keeping us all safe! what a great experience and time to bond with my newest family :D

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