Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This is a crazy awesome story:
So on Saturday, the Sunday school teacher randomly came up to me and asked me to talk in her class. So I agreed! I had no idea what I was going to talk about, which always gives room for God to talk!

So I was praying Sunday morning, really seeking the Lord about what He wanted me to talk about. And then it hit me: BAM! The bracelets I have a bracelet from a children’s pastor named, Rob. He gave me the bracelet (that God told him to make) and they are like the color bead bracelets, but they have pictures on them instead. So that is what I was going to talk about to the children!

So it’s time for me to speak and I have a person helping interpret for me and WOW! It was amazing, because I was asked: how do you evangelize in the states, so it was perfect because I could talk about the bracelets! And they want them! So hopefully I will be able to get the pastor to send some down to me to give out to the children, because it is a great evangelism tool! Here is the website to find out more about this cool evangelism tool:

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