Monday, March 5, 2012


Thank you for all your prayers! I made it to Peru safely and it is AMAZING here!! I'm living at the orphanage and working construction during the day. Then in the afternoons we will either go to the daycare to help with the children or have children's ministry on the basketball court in the middle of the community or we will go to the garbage dump and visit the adults and children and continue building relationships with them. I played soccer with some of the kids a few days ago and I LOVED it! Hopefully I can buy a soccer ball to start playing with them every time I go there, because it is amazing. Also, I go to a cell group and it is amazing along with the church services!!
Oh, and my Spanish is growing incredible fast and again, I thank you for the prayers! I will continually need them! The Lord is answering your prayers though, and Spanish is infiltrating my mind quickly: WOOHOO!

well, that is all for now. I have had A LOT of God time and it's been EXTREMELY wonderful! God has been teaching me a lot and i'll continue to update you on what I'm leaving from Him!

thanks again for all YOU do!! :D
oh and there are SO MANY birthdays since I've been here, almost one a day!! wowzers!

stand strong,

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