Sunday, June 23, 2013


As you read in my last blog, I talked about an orphans heart and how I sort of felt like an orphan here in Peru. Well, God had it all planned out, like usual, and sent a mom to adopt me. Her name is Mirtha, but I call her Mamá Mirtha, and she has provided for many of my needs and is always trying to find more ways to give to me. Whenever I see her, she always invites me for the next meal and while eating that meal, she invites me to the next!  It is impossible to out give her, I know because I’ve tried. She gave me a room to use as a storage place for all my stuff, lets me use the internet, shower, wash machine, printer...I can use anything I need. She also encourages me and is a prayer warrior for me, which is so powerful. And in every situation, she is always willing to give advice. And she introduced me to the rest of her family and they have helped me and have been a huge blessing in my life :) It’s so great to know that the Lord had this all planned out ^.^ Her and her family have helped me more than they will ever know. I just pray I can be a blessing to her and her family, just like they have been to me.

Gracias por todo Mamá Mirtha!!

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  1. Brent I'm so glad! You feel so humbled when ppl are willing to give of themselves even though they don't know you, yet treat you like family. I'm so happy that you have a mama in a 'foreign' land. :)